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    Here's a list of what we do...

    Screened Pool Enclosures

    PVC and Aluminium Conservatories

    Polycarbonate Roofs

    Tile effect roofs

    Car ports and pergolas

    Glass Curtains and Glass fencing

    Patio, Bi-fold and Sliding windows and doors

    Motorised Insect screens

    Plisse and pull down mossie nets

    Toldos and awnings

  • What We Offer


    We use computer aided design to engineer all our structures to the highest standard.

    We can also super-impose a computer generated model onto a photo of the proposed area to be covered to show our customers what the finished enclosure will look like when it is finished.

    We purposely over-engineer all our structures, therfore all of our screened enclosures are built to withstand high winds and other adverse weather conditions.

    If a truss beam is needed, we put one in to help with supporting the roof.

    We use the 'Florida building code' to work out spans and loads, this is the accepted guideline for engineering enclosures as used in the USA for 30 years.

    All our materials are imported from all over the world, including UK,Italy,China,America and Europe.

    We have our own manufacturer and supplier of aluminium profiles in China, which cuts our costs down by over 30% compared to buying through a middleman in the USA.

    All aluminium is of 6061-t5 grade and is of the highest quality. White and bronze powdercoated finishes available.

    We provide the highest standard of finish to our enclosures.

    Unique finishing touches include,

    Colour coded screw caps, soft close doors and care and attention to detail.

    We set the standard others try to follow.

  • About Us

    We are an English/American owned American style screening company based in the Almeria region of Spain.

    We have between us 25 years of experience in the conservatory and glazing industry in England/Spain, and 30 years real experience in the screening industry in America, as well as experienced professionals in screening in Europe.

    Our Company is fully registered and is fully insured to work in Spain and anywhere in Europe, and all of our employees are legal long term residents of Spain.

    With our 'real experience' we offer a level of quality that is unrivalled.

  • Contacts

    Calle El Molino,8
    Poligono Industrial Aljoroque
    Antas 04628

    Tel: +34 677152911 or 627907207

  • Screened enclosures

    We can screen any area of the home including patios, terraces, balconies, windows, doorways, courtyards, pools and spas. We use the well tried and tested screening system as developed for the American market which has been used for over 35 years.

    We custom fit to any shape or size and using our team of experts knowledge and engineering skills we can fit to existing structures, or provide free-standing rooms. All rooms are designed to the Southern Florida building code, which is considered the industry standard in America. This ensures that all structures will resist strong winds. Truss beams can be added to pool enclosures in areas with snow fall.

    We offer many different types of roof style including flat, slant or pitched, gable, hip, dome, mansard, gambrel or barn.

    Benefits include;

    Keeps Mosquitoes, Wasps, Flies and Other Flying Insects Out.

    Protects your family from the environment.

    No Debris in the Pool such as leaves and dead bugs.

    All Aluminium frame which requires NO maintenance.

    Doors are self-latching and closing. Pet doors available see below.

    Barbeque under screen, will not effect the fiberglass screen.

    Enjoy sunbathing during the day and relax in the evening.

    Saves money on costly pool chemicals. Extends the life of pool equipment.

    Keeps children away from the pool un-supervised.

  • Glass

    Glass curtains

    A choice of top hung or bottom weighted 10mm toughened sliding glass curtains without horizontal profiles. 

    High quality with a choice of handles and openers.

    A choice of any RAL colours.  Sunken track or surface mounted bottom track. 

    Can be fittted to 95% of terraces balconies and patios. Glass curtains can even go around corners!
    The systems we use are of the highest quality and we believe they are the best available.

    Call now for a free in home demonstration, with our 'carry in' model.


    We offer the following glazing in either PVC or aluminium;

    PVC units are a 70mm profile system with 28mm double glazed 'k rated' glass, imported from the UK.

    Aluminium is a 60mm profile system with 14mm double glazed glass, from Spain.

    Fixed windows

    Front doors and internal doors

    Sliding and opening patio doors

    Tilt and turn windows

    French doors

    Bi-fold doors

    Glass conservatory roofs

    Polycarbonate conservatory roofs

  • Roofs

    We offer a large selection of roofing systems;

    Polycarbonate roofs can be added to courtyards, patios, utility rooms, existing screen rooms and more, to provide shade and shelter from the weather.

    They are a good choice when total shade is not wanted, as the sheets are translucent and therefore allow some light to come through.

    We provide sheets of varying thickness from 16mm - 32mm. Colour options include Clear, Opal and 'heat guard'. Our special 'Heat guard' polycarbonate is imported from the UK, and provides the best soloution for keeping heat out of the covered area. It has a special metalic outer surface which reflects most of the sun's heat.

    Tile effect and Sandwich panel roofs offer the same soloution as above for the covering of areas, but have a much higher thermal value due to the panels being filled with a foam material. Sizes from 30mm - 150mm of thickness are on offer, with either a flat surface or 'tile effect' in 3 different colours. The panels are completely solid and therefore provide total shade.

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